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The Complex has been handover over to M/s Clock Tower Operations and Maintenance Services Private Limited on PPP mode by the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA), vide a “Concession Agreement”, for a period of 30 years, for the purpose of running a shopping mall/ complex along with parking facilities for façade Improvement, landscaping, retro fitting, installation of services and all other repair and renovation services on BOT (Build-to-Operate) Basis.

M/s Clock Tower Operations and Maintenance Services Private Limited is engaged in the business of setting up, developing, running, managing and operating commercial mall/ complex under its brand name “Work Food and Entertainment City”, wherein M/s Clock Tower Operations and Maintenance Services Private Limited has been issued a license by the Authority to sub-license units of the Shopping Mall/ Complex to various third parties.

The complex has been carefully crafted to ensure that its visitors have access to everything they need for their work, food, and entertainment needs. Developed across 3.32 lacs square feet, Work, Food Entertainment City is a one-stop premium international-class infrastructure for commercial and retail space. Located in the heart of Dehradun, Work, Food and Entertainment City is a complex with state-of-the-art facilities, a modern design, and a convenient location.  Work, Food, and Entertainment City is committed to providing an enjoyable and comfortable experience to all its guests. The complex has been designed to create an environment that is both safe and enjoyable for all.

This complex is an ideal place to establish your business and take it to the next level. Constructed in accordance with a carefully drawn-out master plan that clearly delineates pedestrian and vehicular circulation. It has a beautifully built and kept infrastructure with lively surroundings. It can accommodate more than 600 automobiles in parking lot at once.

Located in the heart of Dehradun, Work, Food and Entertainment City (WFEC)
draws a lot of traffic from all age groups, notably from young age group.

The largest and most expansive commercial real estate, Work Food and Entertainment City (WFEC), boasts cutting-edge security measures such as a centralized security control room, CCTV cameras, and under-vehicle surveillance. When it comes to security, the complex has made sure that its customers are safe at all times because it has a centralized security control room, CCTV Cameras, and under-vehicle surveillance. In a very short span of time WFECity has become a commercial hub in Dehradun which gives its tenants the option of adjusting the property’s design and finishing work to suit their individual needs.

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