Broker’s House space for rent in Dehradun | lease in Dehradun

Broker’s House space for rent in Dehradun | Lease in Dehradun


Are you finding a space to set your broker’s office but are failing in finding one where you get all the luxurious facilities and where your firm is advertised. Well we are here to solve your problem, you can rent a suitable space to set up your firm and enjoy all the basic and luxurious amenities of this complex. As far as we know about this firm and the establishment of its office we know that a broker’s office should have ample space to provide its customers, their comfortability will be as important to you as your comfortability is for us. We can provide you a suitable place of your choice which you can design according to your styles and preferences, you can rent as much big space as is required by you. You can make the best out of that space by making it into a real estate space rental, property services venue, brokerage firm lease, reality solutions office, real estate advisors space, etc. we know that an office can help you build a good reputation of your firm and we always want the best for our customers, our effort is to provide you better than what you want so that you have no trouble working with us and continue to do so. 

Key features

There are certain things that you should be aware of before joining us so that you are well informed about the main things you are dealing with:


    1. This complex serves its customers in every domain be it in work, in food or in entertainment. It is the best place where you can accomplish every work that you have in your list.

    1. This building has in a short span established itself as a well known complex and people love to visit us here.

    1. Not just we serve enjoyment but we are also dwelled into providing our customers comfortability and making it into a place that they can easily rely on.

    1. The construction of this building has been done in accordance with all the facilities and amenities we like to provide our customers with. 

    1. If you join us here we know for sure that your business will grow to another level. 

Types of spaces available

Since the complex is 3.32 lacs square feet wide it has a variety of spaces available here that gives tremendous options to its users to choose from. From the many spaces that we have you can choose any one of them that you like to have to set your office or anything that you want to have. 


The location is one of the best things about this place as it is easily approachable and is considered as one of the main places in Dehradun where everyone likes to visit. This location is said to be the city’s heart and a complex here really helps people in doing whatever they wish too. 

Facilities and amenities

We know how people avoid using public restrooms as it is difficult to find a clean one but in our complex you get separate washrooms for males and females on every floor and not just this the washrooms are spick and span, maintained for your usage only. Complexes this wide may tire you and make you too lazy to accomplish your work which you wanted to do but for your comfortability we have 10 huge lifts which will solve your problem and make it convenient for you to enjoy. We are very much vigilant about our stuff so to make sure security and to keep you safe we have 24*7 security guards keeping eyes on everything, 200 security systems and control rooms that keep an eye on everyone. We also have a facility for gated communities. The locality here is premium. We wish no harm to you. 

Customization options

We allow our customers to design their rented space according to their tastes. You have the sole control on your acquired space, you can decorate it as you like. 

Contact options;

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Work Food Entertainment city, WFEC, Rajpur road, clock tower, Dehradun, Uttarakhand


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