IT Company space for rent in Dehradun | lease in Dehradun

IT Company Space for Rent in Dehradun | Lease in Dehradun


IT company stands for information technology, this is a company where computers and softwares are utilized to handle information. These offices are specialized in transforming, securing, and storing information and data. This place needs to be settled at a place where the internet connections are completely appropriate and the location of its setup should be premium afterall it will be a big IT company. In order to establish this company you will have to have separate cabins for the people in the management and several other rooms for the employees to be settled in and we understand that this requires an expanded place but you have got no worries when with us. Using the expanded place you can change the abandoned corner into a tech solutions office space, IT firm workplace rental, software development hub, digital innovation space, IT services office lease, etc. 

Key features

  1. The area this complex is located in is the center of Dehradun where everything from top to bottom is available. 
  2. The prices of the spaces available here are very reasonable and we are sure you will find them affordable too. 
  3. What else is better than working at a location that along with various facilities offers you a good treat to your eyes as well.
  4. This place is the biggest hub for commercial and retail services.
  5. The purpose of this complex is to serve the public with all the necessities and requirements and we have come really close to this in a very short span of time and will continue to do so. 

Types of spaces available 

The spaces may differ from the customers requirements to the ideas they have in turning a particular space into. This complex is 3.32 lacs square feet wide, imagine the extensive capacity a customer can get to set their business on rent or on lease. 


This complex is located in the center of Rajpur road which is considered as the city’s heart where thousands of people come to visit everyday. Since it is the main part of the city and people mostly visit the place, surely they will visit the multiplex where they can find everything they need. And setting up an IT space will automatically raise the standards of our complex, you can build a tech solutions office Dehradun, IT firm workspace rentals, software development hubs locally, digital innovation spaces Dehradun, IT services office lease etc. 

Facilities and amenities

An expanded space calls for numerous facilities that not only keeps you safe and secure but can also keep you comfortable. This complex has it all in terms of providing services and in terms of providing materialistic benefits to their customers. Starting from enlightening you with the space we have for you to park your automobiles in, you can park more 600 vehicles in the parking area we have built, 50 surveillances placed at the right spots over everyone’s heads so that it records every move of every individual. A lot of people are concerned with the type of locality a building is situated in but now worries we have got you covered there too as the locality here is premium, next facility we have is that there are separate washrooms for men and women on every floor of the complex. Many more facilities are there as well you just need to visit to see. 

Customization options

We know the feeling when a person gets to decorate their own workplace and we do not want to steal the opportunity away from you hence we let our customers set their workplaces according to their own styles and needs, everything can be done according to their own preferences. 

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