Corporate Space for rent in Dehradun | lease in Dehradun

Corporate Space for rent in Dehradun | Lease in Dehradun


A corporate space is a place where meetings are held and legal decisions of the firm are taken. We can offer a space in our complex where you can build your own corporate space and have a private meeting with your employees. Building up a corporate space can bring you a lot of benefits like you can physically interact with your team members, since it is a large room so it can have the capacity of holding a meeting that involves large sum of employees, the place helps you give a private space where you can take notable decisions as required in your office. This large complex has an area to offer you an area where you can build such a place. We know what are the basic needs of a corporate space and our effort will be to make the most out of it. Using this space you can easily transform it into a business headquarters rental, corporate office space, executive suites lease, professional workspace, business center venue, or anything that you want. 

Key features

It is important to list out certain things that you should be well aware of before you decide to join in;

    1. We know that people might be aware of the difference between lease and rent but just to be on the safer side we would like to add it to the context that a lease is a legal contraction where you are give the hold a place for a particular period of time and pay the rent as per decided between the two parties.

    1. On the other hand, dealing with a place on rent means that you have to pay the fixed amount on the fixed date of every month and can use the place as long as you want to. 

    1. This is a three storeyed place which offers wide range of options to its customers in providing them spaces in terms of work, food, and entertainment.

    1. This is one of the most famous commercial and retailing hubs of the city. 

Types of spaces available

The huge space allows you to maintain a meeting room, multifunctional room, etc, you can transform the place into a quiet and composed area which is also in no way connected to the voices out there. Use the spaces available in maintaining a Dehradun business headquarter rental, corporate office spaces for Rent  locally, executive suites for lease, professional workspace Dehradun, business centers in Dehradun. 


The location of this place is situated in Rajpur road which is said to be the city’s heart. The complex’s location has been set in accordance with the amount of people who come to visit this place on a daily basis and it is a lot. Since this place is hogged up mostly by teenagers likewise the complex is also snarled up by them as it serves what they want.  

Corporate Space for rent in Dehradun

Facilities and amenities

We know how monotonous and at time suffocating meetings in these rooms can be so we need to cheer ourselves by looking at things that brings us peace that is the reason you should opt for this place as the views near this building are just mind boggling, the sights of mountains and the clock tower will bring a sudden calmness to you. You even get separate washrooms for males and females, the locality here is outstanding, a tight security is what is needed at such places and we have made sure we have it too, 24*7 security guards who are vigilant and competent in doing what they do have been hired for the job. Electricity can be an issue but not with us as we have 100% power backup to offer you, you also do not need to worry about finding spots for your vehicles as we have more than 600 parking spots available and this area is under surveillance too. We know that you would not have to face a single problem here. 

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