Office Space For Rent in Dehradun

Negotiating Your Rent: Strategies for Securing a Favorable Lease Agreement

Negotiation is a strategic action that requires planning, identification of key niches on the market, and consideration of your company’s requirements for using the space for rent. These are important strategies, backed up with statistics which will assist you in reaching the right terms on the lease as follows:

1. Conduct Thorough Market Research

Conducting market research makes it imperative for someone interested in a commercial real estate transaction to understand the local market before engaging in negotiations. Improve yourself by researching the average rental rates of similar buildings where you want to rent your property. For example, at present, if one looks for office space for rent in a city such as Dehradun, the price per square foot per annum is approximately INR 250 to INR 1110, depending on the area. With the help of such information, it becomes easier for you to determine whether the landlord’s asking rent price is fair or exaggerated, therefore you can negotiate from a vantage position.

2. Determine requirements and Budget for Office rent 

You should assess your business’s current and future physical requirements and consider the number of employees, equipment, and inventory among other things. For instance, a young firm or a new venture may require 100-200 square feet per worker, while a more advanced firm may take up to 250 square feet for each employee. Further, establish the amount of rent you want to spend; avoid spending more than one-tenth of your gross income every month for an Office space for rent.

3. Leverage Tenant Representation

Engaging a tenant representative can be very effective while looking for a space for rent. Special attention should be paid to numbers as tenant representatives obtain non-public lease compromise data. For instance, they may be aware of the fact that comparable buildings have managed to secure a rent rollover of 5% – 10% or tenancy of tenant improvement allowances hovering.

 4. Negotiate Lease Terms Beyond Rent

Ensure you bargain so that you get the best and most beneficial offers for instance by getting long-term deals. Also, consider getting a system where the annual rent increase on a space for rent has limitations because often, the increase could be way beyond your business’s capability to afford it and the rate is usually 3% to 5% on average.

5. Request Tenant Improvement Allowances

Tenant Improvement Allowances (TIAs) play a key role in the whole process as they enable the tenant to create the Office space for rent to suit the character of the business. The average TIA varies per square foot depending on the market area and mechanical conditions of the space for rent. Negotiate a higher TIA to accommodate the additional expenditure for renovations without depleting your capital.

6. Understand of Lease Renewal and other Options for Exiting Lease

Sustain by cementing preferable renewal terms that may be the right to renew your lease at an agreed price on the fifth year. Also, for greater flexibility, specify several specific break clauses that let you terminate the lease if, for instance, your business is performing badly for a while, within a period shorter than the normal 6-12 months penalty period on average.

7. Discuss the Management Expenses 

This is especially crucial if the lease agreement being negotiated is one of the triple net leases where the inclusion of operating expenses is common. It should be noted that operating expenses also tend to rise between 2 to 5 percent every year. Be precise about which costs belong to the landlord and make sure your lease spells this out, as well as establish ceilings for future hikes in these prices.

Wfecity: A one-stop solution for Space of Rent requirements

Wfecity stands for Work, Food, and Entertainment City. It is a complex situated in one of the most jam-packed areas of Dehradun: Rajpur Road. Wfecity as the name recommends has spaces for everything. They have retail shops, workplaces, bistros, eateries, and considerably more. According to an entrepreneur’s perspective, this spot is a mother lode. Rajpur Road is well known for being packed by people constantly and thus carrying a lot of business to the retailers at Wfecity.

Wfecity is a great place to lease an Office space in Dehradun since it is usually crowded. They offer custom workplaces, well-being guidelines, and security with each business space for lease in Dehradun. Other than they have an extraordinary impression on the lookout and have an incredible profit from the speculation rate. They offer customization according to your business requirements. They have a minimal rent increase every year and a minimal increase in operating charges. 


Negotiation skills are important to learn before starting a business. This skill comes with facts and the presence of mind. It is important to know the market before negotiation. We hope the above article helps you to negotiate while making a deal.