Commercial Space For Rent in Dehradun

Live Work Space: The Ideal Blend of Home and Office for Rent

In this busy yet fast world, home and work boundaries (boundaries between them) are getting blurred daily. There has been a sudden spike in freelancing, remote working, and the work economy, which has led to the growing demand for living arrangements. These spaces combine the comfort of home with the functionality of the office, offering a unique blend catering to modern lifestyles. Now, let’s find out with wfecity why live/ work spaces are an ideal blend of home and office for rent.

What is a Live/Work Space?

Live/ work space refers to a property designed for the accomodation of both residential and professional needs. These spaces are designed and tailored in serving dual purposes unlike traditional apartments or offices. Such spaces most probably feature high ceilings, open floor plans, and large windows for the creation of a bright and spacious environment. This type of layout mainly includes distinct areas for living and working, which ensures both can coexist simultaneously. 

Benefits of Live/Work Spaces : 

  1. Convenience and flexibility: the main advantage of live/work space is the convenience they offer. Due to this, you’ve no need to travel/ commute, which saves your time and reduces stress. Also, there’s flexibility to switch between personal and professional tasks without any hassle, that’s invaluable. If you’re someone having unpredictable schedules, it is best for you. 
  1. Money saving: If you’re looking to rent a live/work space, it should be something more money saving (in your budget than buying or renting different properties; such as residential to live and commercial for work. It is a type of arrangement that’s dual or 2 in 1, where the overall expenses are lower. In this, the overall expenses include rent, maintenance and other utilities. 
  1. Improved Productivity : To boost or improve your productivity, and you’ve dedicated space for work at home, you are very lucky. If you’ve such spaces or you are looking for such spaces, wfecity is great in providing such type of spaces that are designed in providing you with professional environment with a touch of residential property allowing you to focus on your work completely. Also, they’ve the ability to customize workspaces which leads to motivation and efficiency.
  1. Work Life Balance : If you’ve work- life balance, it’s the best thing. Nowadays, no one actually has work life balance but having this balance improves your overall well being. You can enjoy your comfort of home along with maintaining a professional environment, that leads to a healthier and balanced lifestyle (more).
  1. Community & Networking : If there’s a working community, it’s great because you get to network with others and help in interacting with others. Also, with this, there needs to be certain amenities such as meeting rooms, lounges, common areas, and collaboration among residents. This helps in leading towards valuable partnerships and opportunities for networking. 

Live/work spaces are ideal for which individuals?

  1. Freelancers or Remote Workers : For freelancers and remote workers, rented live/ work space offers the perfect solution as it creates a professional environment at your residence. It helps in providing flexibility to work that needs to be managed effectively along with personal commitments.
  1. Small Business owners : There’s a great benefit of saving money and convenience for certain entrepreneurs and small business owners. It allows them in running their business from home itself along with maintaining their professional image.
  1. Artists : There are a lot of designers, creators, artists, writers and various other creatives looking for live space/ office for rent, that requires a particular space for working on their projects. Such types of spaces help in providing necessary environments that inspire productivity.
  1. Therapists or Counsellors : There are therapists and counsellors for client consultations who look towards quiet and private space that can benefit from live/ work spaces. This even helps in offering professionalism and privacy required for meetings and sessions.

What to look for while renting space?

  1. Location : More impartantly you’ve to look for a location which is convenient and cost-effective for both the needs (personal & professional). Keep in mind that it should have proximity to clients and transportation.
  1. Design or Layout : Make sure that the space has functional layout helping in differentiating living & working areas. Also, look for such space which is sound proof, has natural light and sufficient storage.
  1. Amenities : Look for such spaces where there’s a gym, meeting rooms, fitness centres and common areas.
  1. Community : Look for various networking opportunities available by looking for a community and look for a collaborative environment.
  1. Budget : Make sure you make a particular budget before you look for office space for rent and find space that’s economically good.


Live spaces or work spaces are best to rent (office for rent in Dehradun) rather than spending on particular individual residential and commercial properties. It helps in representing certain solutions to ever evolving needs. If you want the best aspect of home and office to be combined and in one place, contact wfecity. They offer you convenience, flexibility and cost savings. As we say there’s a great spike in remote working, it’ll grow more in future and will become an attractive option for many.