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Sustainable Living Resources: Tips and Guides for Eco-Conscious Renters

More and more individuals nowadays are seeking various ways as the entire world focuses on sustainability because it is intensified. These individuals look for ways in integrating eco- friendly practices in their daily lives. Also in those places which they want to rent whether it’s a residential or commercial property or any type of space for rent. But, sustainable living is quite challenging for renters, it includes office spaces for rent and you can facilitate environmentally friendly habits with various strategies.In this blog, you’ll learn the essential tips and tricks that are important for eco- conscious renters; that emphasizes the importance of sustainability in spaces for rent.

Energy Efficient Office Equipment : 

Energy consumption is an important yet biggest contributor for environmental impact in an office environment. This impact can be reduced by eco- conscious renters whenever they select energy efficient equipment for the office, such as printers, computers, etc. Also, there are some ENERGY STAR devices that are certified and designed to consume less amount of energy and not even sacrificing performance. It even encourages employees to switch off the power of electronics that are not being in use and utilising power saving features reducing electricity consumption.

Sustainable Office Supplies

It’s extremely important to choose sustainable office supplies in space for rent as it helps in promoting eco-conscious practices. Start opting for refillable ink cartridges, recycled paper products and non toxic cleaning supplies. Along with this, it’s important to implement paperless office policy in decreasing paper usage and we mostly encourage our employees for digital documentation and communication whenever feasible. It’s important to explore more alternative materials for office decor and furniture.

Water Conservation Measures

Water conservation is of utmost importance for maintaining environmental sustainability everywhere; even in office space in Dehradun. To minimize water usage, it is important to install low flow faucets and toilets without even compromising on functionality. We encourage or the bosses should encourage the employees to repair any leaks easily by preventing unnecessary water waste. It is important to maintain water saving practices in various places such as restrooms and break rooms by making them understand the importance of it and encouraging mindful usage. 

Waste Management & Recycling

The integral components of sustainable living in rented spaces are recycling the products and proper management of waste. We’ve to set up recycle bins for various things such as plastic, paper, metal materials and glass by labeling them and facilitating proper waste sorting. Start to encourage your employees by reducing waste and by using reusable containers and utensils for consuming food. Also, try to incorporate a composting program for organic waste that is being generated in the office. 

Sustainable Transportation Options 

Wfecity promotes sustainable transportation options that enhances eco- conscious practices among various renters in office spaces. This even helps in providing amenities like showers for employees or bike racks; to them, those who commute by bicycle/ foot. Try to implement telecommuting or work schedules that are flexible to reduce daily commuting needs and make carbon emissions lower that are associated with transportation. Also, you need to offer incentives to your employees for using public transportation or carpooling.

Green Building Certifications 

Whenever you select office space  for rent, you need to prioritize those buildings that have green building certifications achieved. These are important certifications because it indicates that for various things such as indoor air quality, water conservation, energy efficiency, and sustainable site development, the building meets the stringent criteria. If you rent office spaces in such certified green buildings, it reduces environmental impact along with a healthier and productive work environment for those staying here.

Employee Education & Engagement 

It is very essential to educate and engage employees in sustainable practices, as it helps in fostering eco- conscious culture in rented office spaces. If you’re looking forward to raising awareness about environmental issues, you can organise workshops, lunch sessions and seminars. It helps in providing a practical approach for sustainable living at both places (home & work). Make sure to encourage your employees to participate in sustainability initiatives. Those employees who demonstrate eco- conscious behavior and contribute towards sustainability efforts, should reward and recognise employees.


While wrapping this up, understand that, choosing and adopting sustainable practices for living are beneficial and feasible for eco-conscious renters. Start embracing sustainability because it benefits the environment along with enhancing the well being and productivity of occupants (people who rent and stay). Here, Wfecity prioritizes sustainability where renters can create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. But don’t forget that, they can even create environmentally responsible and socially conscious spaces. There are various points to focus on such as water conservation, energy efficiency, sustainable office supplies, sustainable transportation options, employee education & engagement, green building certifications, waste management, where the renters will help in reducing their enviromental footprints and contribute towards healthier MOTHER EARTH.