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Top Real Estate Trends in 2024 That Will Rule the Market

2024 has proven to be a successful year for the real estate market in India with new schemes and record house sales. 2024 is expected to carry the same momentum as the Indian real estate market continues to stay immune to volatility. It will continue to rise while setting new expectations for buyers and sellers. The Indian economy shows positive indicators with new opportunities and overall growth projected in multiple sectors. Most importantly, new real estate trends have started to make their way for people to get a thorough understanding before investing in one. 

List of Real Estate Trends That Will Dominate the Market in 2024

In this article, we have conducted a complete evaluation of real estate trends that is projected to take the Indian markets by storm. Awareness of those trends will help you proceed accordingly before investing in growing real estate rent for property. 

  • Surge in demand for shop cum offices

One of the biggest real estate trends that have taken over real estate markets in India is the building of shop cum offices. This are multistorey building where shops occupy the ground floor while the offices cover the rest. On moving forward with this plan, the retail shops continue to deal in heaps of profits and also allow the office employees to get anything at their fingertips. 

This big bubble of synergy between shops and offices offers mutual benefits for both retail shop owners and employees. Due to convenience and time-saving the real estate trend of SCO will continue to grow rapidly while allowing everyone who chooses to invest in it get thunderous returns. 

  • Digitalization of real estate purchases

With the growing usage of the internet and smartphone usage, most people in India are inclined towards checking rent for property online. Wfecity is one of those websites where you can check nearby properties available for rent at cheap prices. It shows you the best properties that match your budget without having to pay any hidden charges. Therefore, being a real estate investor, you can start examining multiple properties at once before deciding upon one. 

Most importantly, the digitalization of real estate investment has allowed more transparency in the industry. People can now check properties of their choice through multiple social media platforms before visiting the property physically to finalize the purchase. 

  • 2024 is projected to be a seller’s market

Yet another surprising trend, that is being predicted in the real estate industry is the growth of property selling. With the real estate prices moving upwards at a rapid frequency, many owners are looking to cash in on those chances. 

Based upon the path the real estate market is growing the limited supply of properties has put greater leverage on the hands of sellers. The price quoted by them must be satisfied for purchasing residential or commercial space in India. 

  • Tier II and Tier III becoming new investment centers for real estate

Most states in India with Tier I cities have almost no space available for real estate investors. Although there could be some opportunities the prices quoted by sellers surpass everyone’s budget. 

For this reason, many real estate investors are now moving into tier-II and tier-III cities to look for fresh opportunities. Several government schemes like AMRUT and Smart Cities Mission have also started to take place for converting these cities into residential and commercial hubs. 

If the development of these cities continues to progress at a rapid pace, real estate investments could turn out highly profitable. 

  • Stagnant growth of rental properties

After the scrouge of a global pandemic, people these days are inclined towards purchasing residences instead of renting one for a finite period. investing in a house is a much safer option than renting one depending upon the job market. 

Suddenly, losing a job or suffering from a health crisis could put you in a tough spot while paying rent every month. The people who are unable to do so are looking towards affordable real estate properties instead of paying exorbitant rents in 2024. 

  • Lease for office space

Even though the demand for office spaces has always been there in 2024 its rise is projected to surpass previous records. Many e-commerce and logistics businesses are looking for office spaces in lease for warehousing activities. 

This has led to fast growth among commercial real estate wing while the investment is also projected to reach greater heights. Being a business owner, this might be the time for you to cash in on those office lease agreements to earn hefty profits for many years. 


2024 is an exciting time for real estate markets with trends like SCO, digitalization of real estate scrouging, the rise of Tier II and Tier III cities, and many more. Don’t forget that 2024 is supposed to be a seller’s market thus the negotiation skills should be on point. Otherwise, you will have to pay huge fees for renting or owning a residential or commercial space.