Vacation Rentals: Short-Term Options for Travelers and Remote Workers

Best Office Space For Rent in Dehradun

One of the most popular trends started in 2020 due to the lockdown was “Remote Working.” We’ve seen this trend popular and continuing into 2022 well, and now, more and more remote jobs are taking up and people get to work with everyone across the world. 

It was the best decision taken by various remote workers; it saved traveling time and gave people opportunities worldwide. This is the type of freedom that people enjoy, and with this comes the choice of where to work as you’re eligible to work from anywhere across the globe, from busy cities to peaceful villages to lakeside to serene beaches. With your comfort, any destination can be turned into an office/ workplace with a laptop and wifi/ internet access.

You can use such trends as a rental service host by tweaking the space you want to rent. If you’re going to make your rental space more remote work-friendly, you have to add certain essential items. If you add some beneficial items to your rental space, then you can surely expect many guests and can even expand the guest list by charging more. 

Here are some tips for looking for the perfect remote-friendly office or commercial space For rent in dehradun :

Provides High-Speed Internet

In today’s age, everyone is looking for faster and higher-speed internet access; you need to offer that. If you currently don’t offer high-speed internet, firstly, you’ve got to do that (it’s time to upgrade). (Wfecity offers you high-speed internet.) To get their work done correctly, people working from home need fast, high-speed, reliable, and consistent internet access without interruption. Also, another essential thing to consider is ensuring unlimited internet access because Zoom meetings will happen. 

Including a proper workspace

If the remote worker gets a particular corner in the house or room to work in, then there’s no better perk than that. It shouldn’t be too fancy or big, but you must have something like that. Also, you have to mention a corner like that (You can even charge higher if you have a big or fancy corner). Including a desk in the living room or bedroom where the guest might get little privacy is best, and Wfecity does that very well. If the remote workers get on a Zoom call, having a clean background with a clean desk is much more important. 

Providing Discounts For Rental Stays

If you’re offering your guests a discount for long-term rental bookings, you may attract many guests. Some short-term renters transfer into long-term renters (like for a month or so); you can offer them discounts; they’re someone looking to book a place for a month. It promises excellent income for you and a good discount for guests – benefits both! Many remote workers look to stay in one place for a long time if they think it’s affordable and an excellent place to stay. Also, you may give them a little more discount if they book 3-6 months prior.

Invested In Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is not provided by every rental space provider, so standing out is for sure here. If you have old and outdated furniture, you can surely invest in or upgrade to ergonomic (adjustable—that adjusts according to your comfort) furniture. If you upgrade to ergonomic furniture, your guest list may increase. 

Ergonomic Furniture is as follows: 

  • Office chair (that adjusts according to height)
  • Laptop Stand (according to your eye level)
  • External monitor
  • Plant (living plant – that boosts your mental health)
  • Footrest (that’s adjustable)
  • Standing Desk 

Updating List

Updated lists of your short-term rental space across all the short-term rental platforms or booking sites. Never forget to highlight new remote work features and your upgrades in listings by providing photos of the room and particular workspace (acts as social proof). 

Updating the space is not a big deal—it’s just to make it a perfect place away from home for a remote worker. If you give some simple yet important touches to the workplace away from home (rental space), you can surely gain some long-term guests. Adding a desk, wifi/ internet access, and some homely touches is extremely important. If you do this, no one will stop you from conquering the rental market.

If you want commercial space to rent in Dehradun, you can contact wfecity. In this article, we’ve mentioned some important points while choosing rental space and rental service that you must always look for. We’ve mentioned why Wfecity stands out from the rest and provides you with the seamless rental experience you can ever look for; choosing them will be the best decision. You can surely visit the website and get to know more about the services that wfecity provides you with.

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